Announcing the Kusari YouTube Channel and GUACademy

Kusari have just launched a YouTube Channel!

Jeff Mendoza

August 23, 2023

Kusari have just launched a YouTube Channel featuring a variety of videos on software supply chain security topics. Our channel will publish engaging videos that are instructional and useful for a range of audiences from security practitioners to introductory learners.

Our first series of videos is called GUAC Academy (GUACademy). Kusari heavily contributes to, architects, and maintains GUAC, an open source project for deriving actionable insights into your software supply chain. The GUACademy series teaches all parts of GUAC in an easy to consume video format including topics such as:

  • Introduction and concepts
  • Setup and deployment
  • Effective use and deriving value
  • Architecture deep dive
  • Building integrations

The videos are for those who want to learn about, deploy, adopt, apply, and effectively use GUAC for their supply chain security needs.

If learning by video is an enjoyable educational method for you, we hope you subscribe to the Kusari channel, and enjoy the GUAC. Follow us and stay tuned for more content to help you with your current and future software supply chain security needs.

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