Incidents are inevitable. Panic is optional.

Securing your software supply chain starts with understanding. Kusari is on a mission to bring transparency to your software supply chain and power secure development.

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Transparency: the foundation for secure software development

Software development supply chains face constant threats from misconfigurations to widespread vulnerabilities, like another Log4Shell. Rapid understanding of where threats lie is crucial.

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Don’t spend your next incident in panic mode

Kusari’s platform offers "always-on transparency” for the visibility and insights you need. Secure your software development lifecycle end-to-end, powered by open source GUAC and open standards.

Know what goes into your software

Understand the composition of any software artifact with GUAC, a queryable open-source knowledge graph. Evaluate artifacts before you ingest them, and create policies to automatically prevent risky or vulnerable dependencies from entering your supply chain.

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Secure development by default

Make your development process secure by default without interrupting developer workflows. Kusari meets you where you are by integrating with your existing IDE and CI/CD tools. Put software supply chain security best practices on autopilot, ensuring the integrity of each build and generating the metadata to prove it.

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Respond quickly

New vulnerabilities happen, but you don’t have to spend months playing whack-a-mole with vulnerable dependencies. Kusari’s platform enables you to quickly understand the blast radius of supply chain compromises, so you can respond and remediate faster.

Proactive security is the key
Securing the Software Supply Chain eBook

Learn from the experts: Securing the Software Supply Chain

A Manning publication by Kusari's CTO Michael Lieberman and Google's Brandon Lum focuses on threat modeling the SDLC and providing a flexible architecture along with some examples using tools, frameworks, and best practices.

Why Kusari?

Securing supply chains of the world’s largest organizations

First-hand experience

We are engineers who have been responsible for supply chain security at some of the world’s largest organizations. We’ve been in your shoes and know how to help.

Setting the standards

Our founders are steering the development of software supply chain standards like the SLSA framework and the in-toto Attestation Framework. We’re committed to keeping you ahead of emerging best practices and regulations.

Committed to Open Source

We are active members of the OpenSSF and CNCF, and maintainers of various open source projects. Our founders are the original developers of GUAC, which we built in partnership with Google, and FRSCA.

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Our Story

For years in managing software development, we constantly faced the same problem: identifying the software we’re using and protecting against threats to that software. This led to slow response to security vulnerabilities, uncertainty about licensing and compliance, and even basic maintenance challenges. Kusari brings transparency and security to software supply chains, providing clarity and actionable insights. Our platform provides the visibility and insights you need to secure your software development lifecycle from end-to-end, powered by GUAC.

I can't recommend GUAC enough for companies looking to boost their software security.

Sean Terretta
CTO, ClearAlpha Technologies

I can't recommend GUAC enough for companies looking to boost their software security.

Sean Terretta
CTO, ClearAlpha Technologies

As the CTO of ClearAlpha, I can't recommend GUAC enough for companies looking to boost their software security. GUAC's innovative approach to software supply chain security helps uncover hidden gaps and threats as we’re downloading dependencies and building apps, making it a perfect fit for our “solve it earlier” mindset at ClearAlpha. It also lines up with our commitment to transparency, open-source principles, and continuous learning. GUAC works well in teams practicing the rugged software manifesto, focusing on strong coding practices, constant testing, and automated tools to enhance security. Plus, its ability to trace risks back to their source aligns with our proactive risk awareness goals, enabling companies to spot and tackle potential issues early on. GUAC is just a fantastic tool to help any organization improve their software security with principles we all should value. If you're a tech founder, you'll definitely want to have GUAC on your team!

Sean Terretta
CTO, ClearAlpha Technologies

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