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Lead Frontend Developer

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Lead Frontend Developer to join our team. In this role you will be responsible for architecting, designing, and implementing the frontend of our SaaS product offering. You will work closely with our UI/UX team to bring their designs to life in a way that maintains both form and function. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about working in a fast-paced startup environment and bringing innovative solutions to the table.

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Key Responsibilities

Frontend Architecture and Design:

  1. Lead the architecture and design of the frontend system based on the proposed UI/UX designs.
  2. Ensure the implementation of responsive and intuitive frontends that align with user experience goals.
  3. Optimize the SaaS product for speed, stability, and scalability.

Development and Implementation:

  1. Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code.
  2. Develop new user-facing features and enhance existing ones.
  3. Implement robust testing and debugging practices.

Continuous Learning and Improvement:

  1. Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies and trends in frontend development.
  2. Advocate for and implement best practices in frontend development.
  3. Continuously improve system performance and user experience.

Strong understanding of modern web tooling
GraphQL experience preferred but not required


Proven experience as a Senior Frontend Developer or similar role
Experience in building and leading a team of developers
Strong leadership and communication skills
Excellent problem-solving ability
Ability to work independently and manage a team
Great attention to detail and organizational skills


Unlimited PTO and you’re encouraged to use it
Fully remote position
Excellent Insurance

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